Central banks and movements in stock market

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How do central banks impact interest rates in the economy?

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Central Banks Are Using The Trade War To Hide Their Direct Influence On Stocks

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How do central banks impact interest rates in the economy?

Because Chinese stock market is still not mature, equity prices often go up and low. As we saw with the bond market, the era of extraordinary central bank liquidity helped make stock markets more one-sided, naturally suppressing their volatility. Investors could borrow money cheaply and take leveraged positions in stocks.

The increase in the volatility of stock market shocks thus serves the role of an instrument, since the higher covariance between interest rates and stock prices is a reflection of the greater responsiveness of monetary policy to the stock market that permits identification of a reaction function of the central bank to asset price movements.

No matter what central banks ultimately decide, we remain focused on uncovering long-term stock-picking opportunities in the region. To get insights from Franklin Templeton delivered to your inbox, subscribe to the Beyond Bulls & Bears blog.

Central Bank balances are a useful tool for trading movements in the stock market index in advance. Most stock markets lag the Central Bank balance by six to twelve months. This research paper presented different views regarding the necessity for central banks to respond to stock market movements in their monetary policies.

Central banks and movements in stock market
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Central Banks Are Using The Trade War To Hide Their Direct Influence On Stocks | The Sleuth Journal