Marketing of the life sciences a

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Marketing of the Life Sciences: A New Framework and Research Agenda for a Nascent Field

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Health & Life Sciences

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Institution high-level dashboards and drill into ungrammatical details by campaign. This article reviews and develops marketing knowledge specific to the life sciences industry, defined as companies in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and therapeutic medical devices.

The authors believe that marketing of the life sciences off ers a fer tile area f or further research because, among other things, its potential impact transcends any problems typically in. Inlife sciences companies took important steps to advance their business processes and drive greater efficiencies in drug development and commercial operations.

The industry will embrace transformation initiatives at a faster pace inacross multiple functional areas, including. Aman Bajaaj is the Accenture Life Sciences lead for Products APAC (excluding Japan). In this role, he is responsible for developing and implementing the strategy for the company’s entry into the Indian market following its acquisition of Nycomed.

Life Sciences Consulting.

Making the Complex Compelling

For more than 25 years, life science companies, law firms, and regulatory agencies around the globe have turned to CRA's life sciences consultants when they need clarity and solutions to the industry’s most complex issues.

JOURNALISM and MARKETING INTERNSHIP IN LIFE SCIENCES and HEALTH CARE General Purpose: Preparation of materials and completion of specific projects, while ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals. The intern will learn best practices in marketing and communications from experienced staff.

Marketing of the life sciences a
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