Marketing plan general electric

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Marketing Plan for General Electric

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Marketing Plan for General Electric

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General Electric Marketing Plan Aleisha Baker, Eric Donovan, Melissa Kats, Cassi Molof, and Matt Pierce Marketing Goals Promotion of Healthymagination and Ecomagination Cause-related marketing. Marketing Plan for the Electric Car Corporation Words | 13 Pages.

Marketing Planning EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper presents a marketing plan for the Electric Car Corporation (ECC); a first mover in manufacturing an electric car in the United Kingdom.

INDUSTRIAL CAPTAI L INDUSTRIAL CAPITAL, INSURANCE APPLIANCES, NBC, PLASTICS 40 % 20 % ~60 40 ~40 CURRENT estimate In parallel, we have made a concentrated effort. A General Electric electrical meter. General Electric Company’s (GE) marketing mix or 4P sets strategies that address competitive challenges in the transportation, aerospace/aviation, healthcare, energy, oil and gas, and electric lighting industries.


Here is the Marketing mix of General Electric which is popularly called GE and is a public limited company. It is an American multinational dailywn.comy was founded in year by four of its founders namely Edwin Houston, Elihu Thomson, Charles Coffin and Thomas Edison.

Marketing plan general electric
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Marketing Plan for General Electric