Marketing principal on samsung mobile

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Samsung launches laser printers with NFC

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Digital Signage Evolves With Mobile Integration as Market Expands

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Dec 17,  · I write and speak about leadership, business culture, and marketing innovation. I led strategic business and marketing initiatives for Fortune brands such as Intel and Accenture and am. “Samsung is still the number one smartphone player worldwide, but the brand lost prestige and consumer trust with the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7,” Thomas Husson, vice president and principal.

Nick’s work is extensively covered in the mobile, business, and marketing press, and he has been interviewed on mobile topics by media including the BBC, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, and CNN. He speaks at conferences around the world, and is a judge for the Global Mobile Awards, the MEFFYS and the EMMAs.

Amit Garg is a Principal at Samsung NEXT Ventures.

How China surged ahead in mobile – and what the West can learn

Based in Silicon Valley, Amit focuses on mobility, digital health and consumer IoT. Some of his key investments include UniKey (smart locks), nuTonomy (self-driving cars), BioBeats (machine learning for human well-being) and Glooko (platform for diabetes management).

Marketing principal on samsung mobile
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