Marketing strategy of air india

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Air India's weird business strategy

What's really behind the choices they make? What moves them. Marketing strategy of a company is indeed a closely guarded secret especially in the face of stiff competition as in the case of the airlines sector in India.

Therefore to extract information on the marketing strategy was a difficult task.1/5(1). Distribution strategy in the Marketing strategy of Air India – Air India has a fleet of more than aircrafts, such as Boeing, LR, ER, B, A, A A and Boeing Jul 01,  · Air India's weird business strategy Prev Next T he second quarter of was the worst; it missed its revenue target by Rs crore (Rs 7 billion) because of lower passenger load and a.

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Air India Marketing Strategy Name: Harsha Sinha Enrollment No. 11BSPHH Section – B Seat No. - 2 AirIndia is a state-owned flag carrier, the oldest airline of India. It is part of the Indian government-owned AI Limited. The airline operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircrafts.

Marketing strategy of air india
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