Profit impact of marketing strategy

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Profit Impact Of Marketing Strategy (PIMS)

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The Profit Impact of Market Strategies

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Profit impact of marketing strategy (PIMS) Marketing Management

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The PIMS (Profit Impact of Market Strategy) of the Strategic Planning Institute is a large scale study designed to measure the relationship between business actions and business results. The project was initiated and developed at the General Electric Co. from the mids and expanded upon at the Management Science Institute at Harvard in the.

Starting inProfit Impact of Market Strategy research assembled a database of companies and 3, business units with information on market strategy and company performance. About This Chapter INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Dr. Roger J. Best, Author • Present a marketing analytic to assess the profit impact and risk of an international marketing strategy.

Marketing Performance Tools. Definition of Profit Impact Of Marketing Strategy (PIMS): US research service that provides firms with financial and market performance information from a continuing study of some 3, business units of about American firms.

These reports summarize the.

Profit impact of marketing strategy
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